Career Counseling
Experiencing one occupation or job to another give rise to several issues in an individual life time. This make career counseling focus on structuring an individual’s career life in line with the satisfaction of such individual himself. Career counseling referred to the therapeutic process of involving individual to know and understand himself, his strength, abilities, aptitudes, weakness and the world work so as to make satisfactory decision on career, educational and life decisions. World of work is another realm in the society which require a thorough understanding in order for individuals to make feasible and realistic decision in their career life. It also extend to focusing on career issues which include career exploration, career change, personal career development and other career related issue. Practically, career counseling measure individual label such as personalities, strength, abilities, aptitudes, attitudes, interest, perceptions, capabilities, values, personal, emotional, cognitive, physical and psychological characteristics with the world of work in the society. For instance, imagine an individual with an unbalance health status trying to develop in career life in hardcore physical jobs which will immensely contribute to such individuals health. And there are several issue like that in our society of choosing or making career choice and decision which needs professional career choice which career counseling will be a very useful tool.
In administering career counseling to individuals in the society, career counselor employ several techniques, assessments, theories and psychological therapy in structuring individuals career life time. Though, we are focusing on theories used in the process of career counseling which are referred to as career counseling theories.
Theories of Career Counseling
Theories are additional techniques to every disciple most especially in social sciences. They are careful set of investigated assumptions, propositions, suggestion, hypothetical statements, and accepted facts that attempts to provide a plausible or rational explanations of certain phenomenon in order to proffer additional information for such phenomenon. Career counseling theories focus on scholars assumption on administering career counseling in an appropriate counseling setting.
There are numerous theories which contributed to career counseling in several forms. This module focus on below career counseling theories:
Holland’s Theory of Vocational Choice
Donald Supper’s career development
Trait and factor theory
Ginzberg Theory of career development
Chance and Accidental Theories

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