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This is really nice , I wish the instalmental payment can be shared into 4 or even 3 , that way people like me can pay without stress ..

stress management

i must comment on the course is a good one ,we all go through stress and we need the course so that we know how to manage our stress.

Thank God!

Very good thinking. I am glad I do not have to travel to the UK or USA or one foreing country just to take a counseling course. God Bless ISOCOIN


Praiise Banfa


  1. The case studies, access to materials, correspondence, short presentations … I found all the methods of
    providing information useful and easy to use. Also, it’s easy to refer back as the course and
    the individual modules are arranged in good order. I am glad to be here.


  2. The practical application of several of the topic
    areas covered allowed me to make adjustments and modifications to how I
    counsel, leading to significant impacts on my counseling style.


  3. This programme enhanced and focused my knowledge in a way that allowed me to actively
    and positively provide help to clients through the existing program, supervision and class forums.

    Rukayat Musa

  4. The online delivery allows for flexible learning and provides the opportunity to discuss
    material with other professionals across various disciplines in the field. The knowledge
    gained from the discussion with peers is invaluable as it provides a more solid perspective
    on the modules.

    Aina Bisayo

  5. Ibironke Banjoko

    The programme has developed my ability to critically evaluate clients’ situations, taking account of
    the bigger picture … I believe that the Diploma Certificate in Counseling had added to my ability and
    experience to enhance my private practice.


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