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In our society today, the church is usually the first point of contact when people have any form of issue, whether financial, emotion, sex, relationship or otherwise. The church plays a very important role, but it will be better if the roles are being played professionally. A spiritual leader without the proper counseling skills might have good intention but could be doing more damages than envisaged. In order for the church to do things the right way, The Institute has designed programs that will help the church in providing pastoral counseling combined with clinical counseling skills. If your church or religious organization is interested in any of our programs, kindly fill the form below.


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We organize periodic training for Churches who wish to apply for Pastoral counseling professionally. The importance of getting it right in the area of counseling as a crucial tool which the church requires to correct the ills in the society cannot be overemphasized, and applying the proper professional skills and counseling ethics to Pastoral Counseling is not contestable. The essence of this training is to orientate and brief participants about the need to incorporate professional pastoral counseling into church activities and ensures that a given number of church heads/workers possess the basic skill of counseling.

Counseling the right way will:

  • Increase the confidence of the members in the skills and professionalism of the counselors.
  • Ensures that members don’t seek for wrong counsel outside the church.
  • Improve the counseling competencies of counselors/workers in the area of pastoral counseling.
  • Ensures that counseling produce the desired result and thereby a happy and more productive congregation.
  • Could even be a means of creating employment for church for members. etc.

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