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Starting off as a christian based non-for profit independent educational charity organization in 2010. The Institute of Counseling has been in the fore-front of making impact in the society, considering the role that counseling plays in shaping the society as a whole. Almost every area of counseling is either undeveloped or non-existence in Nigeria, a situation that should be treated as emergency considering the alarming rate of violence, depression, poverty and mental health issues in the society.

Institute of counseling has been a trailblazer in making sure the society gets the needed support in the area of counseling, we ride on partnership with both local and international bodies to achieve the enormous task of having a sane society in an environment where everything seems to be upside down.

If you or your organization would like to join the growing network of ICN strategic partners or interested in finding out more about partnerships with us, please contact Precious on +234-909-481-2983 or Femi on +234-909-804-6017 or fill the request form below this page.


Feminine and Flourishing program was developed in 2010 by The Institute of Counseling in Nigeria in partnership with the obio/akpor local government area of River State to reach out to local women living in abject poverty through education and empowerment.



It was a sight to behold as World Menstrual Hygiene Day supported by the Institute of Counseling in Nigeria, ICN, extended its arms of love to Female staff and students of Child’s Will High School, Surulere, Lagos.

Popular Sex Therapist, Relationship and Marriage Counselor, Dr. Tolulope Oko-Igaire (a.k.a THE FIXER) who was the guest speaker, enlightened the female students on; WORLD MENSTRUAL HYGIENE DAY, The Girl Child, Menstruation, Ways to maintain a proper hygiene when menstruating, Practical way to use a pad, shared personal experiences and entertained questions.

There were slogans which were learned among which included:

“Menstruation or no Menstruation, Life goes on.” This encouraged the students that irrespective of the pains, anxiety and sometimes shyness they go through on their period days, they should learn to be bold, positive, beautiful and outspoken. Menstruation should never make them feel inferior.

” Girls run the world.” The girls were encouraged to influence their world because women are a GREAT INFLUENCE, generally unstoppable, achieving whatever they dream of.”

Joyland pads were shared to the girls and were greeted with appreciation. The atmosphere was filled with fun, laughter, songs, pictures and affiliating with teachers and students afterwards. The students and staff of ICN had a memorable time together.



Institute of Counseling partners with Intimate Solution Foundation to reach out to women by organising quarterly sensitization workshop for women on healthy living, entrepreneurship, poverty alleviation and mental health awareness.



We provide government agencies, private agencies, non-profit organizations, and other groups with quality caseworkers on the cases of individuals, groups, and societies in finding solution to problems of social, psychological, recreational, cultural and physical/biological adjustment which they are unable to handle in a satisfactory way.

The Institute of Counseling is concerned with the adjustment and development of the individual and, in some instances couples, towards more satisfying human relations. We also seek to ensure that there is equality of access to quality palliative end of life care everywhere, that clients, members and students have the skills to communicate and deal sensitively with people in need of end of life and that the information, intervention, treatment and services for end of life counseling is fully accessible to such individuals.

Our pool of caseworkers will provide a dynamic interaction of attitudes, behavior and emotions with clients with the purpose of satisfying their psycho-social needs to achieve a better intra-personal adjustment within their respective environment. We have the practical experience of assessing a client’s current, relevant past and possible future modes of adaptation to stressful situations and normal living situations. Purpose of which is to help individual in the situation to be equipped in enhancing their functional capacity and solving or facing the problem adequately within the individual’s weaknesses and strengths to the end of overall development.

Case Workers & Support Services works with clients to accelerate growth, opportunities, achieve result and realize value. Our expertise which cut across a range of counseling and psychotherapy functions in Nigeria, assures that we have the capabilities and experience to deliver the impact partners are looking for. Case Workers & Support Services provides quality sourcing, assessments, checks and verification services throughout Nigeria. We’ve earned a reputation as a one-stop shop through the Institute which provides quality professionals that support all phases of counseling and psychotherapy.

Over time, we have built a strong network of professionals in a variety of functions that we leverage in sourcing for high quality caliber of professional counselors. We are proud of our record of training and development of professionals and practitioners ranging from crisis, addiction, grief and bereavement to relationship, couples and family, sex, and youth counseling.

When it comes to changing lives and building dreams, the most important factor is the quality of professional counselors. Click on this link to see pictures of our past projects: Past Projects



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