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Individual character and personality are developed at childhood, most of the issues people are dealing with as adult started while growing up. The fact that most of the child and teenage years are spent in schools says a lot about the responsibilities resting on the shoulder of our primary and secondary schools caregivers. It will be wise to say that, these institutions play vital roles in determining how our society eventually turns out. The Institute of Counseling recognizes this crucial aspect of life and the danger posed by lack of access to professional clinical counseling in our secondary schools and designed programs to solve the problems. Interested in any of our programs for your school? Kindly fill the contact form below.


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School counselors possess proficient skills in development, leadership, collaborative practices, as well as appropriate referral procedures but practical ways to meet these skills are lacking as traditional training models are not keeping up with the needs of today’s school counselors. This training provides the needed professionalism and practicality of school counselors. School counselors function in a variety of roles to support students’ academic, career, and personal/social development. In addition, they work in complex educational systems, have large case loads, and manage school counseling programs. Within the field of counseling, school counselors face a unique challenge, for they are certified by educational agencies but are trained in the field of mental health, therapy and psychotherapy. Integrating this training in a school setting plus maintaining a counseling identity while meeting educational objectives can result in confusion for school counselors…Institute of Counseling holds the solution to the challenge being faced by school counselors.The Institute of Counseling trains guidance and counseling teachers and other school counselors. Up to date information and newly discovered theories and skills in the field of counseling are passed unto school teachers.


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Every institution of learning that wants to create and maintain a culture of excellence must pay quality attention to emotional and psychological needs of students and staff members in order to prevent various factors that can hinder excellence in an academic environment through the work of a professional counselor. However, students in their teenage years find it difficult to open up about their personal challenges to familiar faces such as teachers and even the school counselor. A success-focused school therefore needs to be more creative with the provision of therapeutic help. Also, our research has proven that the success of any organization depends on the wellbeing of its workforce. Each member of staff has various day-to-day life issues to battle with and desperately needs help and improvement because if these issues are not properly dealt with, they may impact the level of proficiency. However, most of them will not unbutton on their personal issues in front of the fully employed school counselor who they considered a colleague. 100% confidentiality must be guaranteed before you can get them open up. This is exactly what SCOREP offers you. Resolving conflicting emotional and psychological issues for improved academic excellence in the citadels of learning, is the sole responsibility of a well-trained counselor. This is why institutions who keyed into SCOREP­­­­­­­­ have the best of results. Our experience with schools of high and international standards has enabled us to take a pragmatic approach in this program which has proven to be effective and beneficial. We will help you to avoid the pitfalls of emotionally disturbed students and stressed workforce.

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