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We understand the relationship between corporate productivity and mental wellness, and therefore designed different training and programs to help interested organizations take advantage of this new innovations. Corporate organizations in developed world has gone beyond training on marketing, safety, logistics etc and now concentrate more on counseling innovations to get the best out of their human resources. Interested in any of our corporate training or programs, kindly fill the contact form below.



Counseling Resolution Skills for Optimal Organizational performance CRESOP is a Mental Wellness Training program organized by The training arm of The Institute of Counseling Nigeria, a foremost professional counseling institute in Africa. The training is tailored towards resolving employee conflicting mental, personal and interpersonal issues for improved productivity in their workplace. It is important that staff are trained and counseled on how to approach and deal with these issues that can threaten and interfere with productivity on the job. CRESOP helps to educate, promote awareness, and provide answers to how employees can achieve a state of mental well-being.


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We understand that HR has gone beyond recruitment and employee physical welfare and follow the recent development in corporate HR world. This training is centered on Professional Clinical Counseling Skills for HR Personels (PCCSP). Employers know that many problems at work often stem from an employee’s personal life rather than just the work situation. Counseling is a combination of effective and preventive people management strategies for organizations to help employees get better in managing stress, technical, personal, relational, emotional or adjustment problems that could result into low productivity. Usually with the objective of reducing this conflicting emotions so that performance is maintained at adequate level or even improved upon. The HR department will be equipped with professional counseling skills to help employees at the end of this training.


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No level of training, improved remuneration or exclusive working environment can improve the productivity of an organization whose employees are battling with mental health issues. The mistake most organizations makes is confusing mental illness with mental health issues. An average individual battles with day to day life issues where they desperately needs help and improvement, these issues if not properly resolved, will impact the level of proficiency. Most informed and responsible employers puts programs in place to help their most valuable resources; human capital, to thrive in the workplace, and in their everyday lives. Employee Mental Wellness Program is a specialized Retainer-ship program designed by The Institute of Counseling in Nigeria for companies and organizations who wish to set up professional counseling offices to help their staff. Companies and organizations that sign up for EMWEP will receive Professional Clinical Counselor visits to their offices four times a month to help employees resolve their mental and emotional issues in a professional and confidential setting. Organizations have found success in keying into our EMWEP program, with great results.

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