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Starting off as a christian based non-for profit independent educational charity organization in 2010. The Institute of Counseling has been in the fore-front of making impact in the society, considering the role that counseling plays in shaping the society as a whole. Almost every area of counseling is either undeveloped or non-existence in Nigeria, a situation that should be treated as emergency considering the alarming rate of violence, depression, poverty and mental health issues in the society.

Institute of counseling has been a trailblazer in making sure the society gets the needed support in the area of counseling, we ride on partnership with both local and international bodies to achieve the enormous task of having a sane society in an environment where everything seems to be upside down.

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With focus on the obvious vacuum in the area of proper awareness for sexual and substance abuse in our society, Institute of counseling have decided to take the bull by the horn by taking the awareness to senior secondary schools in Lagos state. We believe that capturing the teenagers and young adult will go along way in solving these societal ills. TESSAP aimed to reach out to teen between the age group of 13-18 years i.e. mostly senior secondary school students. This age group has been targeted as various studies, and have found the 13-18 years age group to be the most vulnerable to sexual and substance abuse.
The Program, which is a major communication initiative in Lagos on Teen Substances and Sexual Abuse Awareness, aims to reach over 500 schools and 500 thousand teen over the next few years. It was launched in September 2015 by the above named organizations.
Teen sexual abuse is a public health problem of epidemic proportions and an alarming and serious concern for both the social work and the medical fields. More than two decades of research has linked teen sexual abuse to increased rates of pregnancy, promiscuity, low self-esteem, obesity, anxiety, depression, anger and aggression, post-traumatic stress, dissociation, sexual difficulties, sexually transmitted diseases, self-injurious behaviors, substance abuse and so on.


We partner with Individuals, private, government and non government organizations both home and abroad to carry out case works. We have case workers on ground all over the country, those trained by the institute and volunteers as well. We also have those who are willing to travel. We help in various capacity and interventions. Our case workers can help in different areas like reconciliation, rehabilitation, grief work, resettlement support, crisis intervention, post trauma interventions, etc. We have successfully partner with various international organizations to carry out intervention programs in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.


As an organization saddled with the responsibility of helping the society to be better, we organize a yearly summer program for teenagers and young adults between the ages of 13 and 19. This program exposes these young ones to first hand information on how to be the best version of the,selves in this ever changing world. They are also trained with leadership abilities and vocational skills, in order to be assets and not liabilities to the society.

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