Ministers Wife and Sexuality


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One vital area that a lot of Pastors and ministers are struggling is the area of sex. The most pathetic part of the problem is that no one is talking about it, we all live in pretense and hypocrisy and face the consequences of not talking about it. God is the originator of sex, sex is biblical between married people, God initiated sex for procreation, recreation and for intimacy purpose. But when a woman sees having a hot steamy sex with her husband as a sin, what can the righteous do. Im worried that some pastors wives are so occupied with fasting, prayer and counseling that they might not sleep with their husband for 6 months, intact some for one year. Those that are managing to do it are not creative, they just like down like a log of wood and leave nothing in the man’s imagination to loo forward to. Im worried at the rate at which masturbation cases, cheating and some other terrible sexual atrocities has taken over the lives of the ministers. The church is not helping matters too, most time these men of God are condemned, suspended and even ridiculed because of an act which their wives should take 75% responsibility. Things has to change, ignorance has a lot to do with these, ministers wives need to wake up from their slumber and realize that sex is an essential part of marriage that cannot be ignored. A sexually frustrated man can frustrate the anointing.

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