Boardroom/Bedroom Management Model


12 students enrolled

Obviously, having sex is fun, and most of us know that sex is good for our mental and physical awareness; but the last thought that probably would come to your mind while having sex or thinking about it is, improved workplace productivity. The main reason why this workshop is important for your organization might be considered a selfish one because all organizations are interested in the productivity and performance of their staff. They are in business to produce or render service aimed at accomplishing the set goals and objectives of the organization. If members of staff are unhappy, anxious, stressed and facing emotional problem, they will not be able to perform well on their jobs. Their productivity and performance will go down. In addition, their interpersonal relations both at home and on the job may suffer more even when they ordinarily do not have interpersonal relations’ issues. This creates stress and again impacts on their performance.
Emotional stability or neuroticism is perhaps the most enduring personality factor in psychology. The success of institutions, industries or any work sectors is influenced by emotional stability of its staff because it is positively driven motivation with increase in the work efficiency of workers.
The general objective of this workshop is to assist the members of staff in an organization in dealing with their emotional problems, so that they grow in self-confidence, understanding, self-control and the ability to work in the given organizational environment.

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