Better Orgasm Workshop


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I know there are lots of questions going on in so many peoples’ head about the term orgasm especially in this part of the world, some has never heard of it, some heard and doesn’t really understand what it means and so many has never experienced it.
In fact some argued that women are not meant to enjoy sex, someone posted during a debate on my Facebook page that our grandmothers never experienced orgasm and they only made love to make their husband happy, he also believed that the desire to be sexually satisfied is the reason why women are misbehaving these days, he cannot be farther from the truth but that is Africa mentality for you.
Even though sexual relationship with one’s spouse should not be orgasm based, but one can only achieve true level of physical and emotional sexual satisfaction through the experience called orgasm. Be part of this workshop to understand the cons and hows of how to give and achieve great and multiple orgasm.

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