About Us


The Institute of Counseling in Nigeria is a reputable Counseling Institute, first of its kind in Africa; affiliated with other professional educational Institutions, Associations and bodies both in Nigeria and Internationally. Acquiring professional certificate as a clinical counselor and psychotherapist just got easy!

The Institute is positioned to enroll and educate students from all parts of Africa and the rest of the world through her online and offline blended training program.

The Institute provides a wide range of counseling and related courses, helping students to professionally and skillfully help clients without being biased or judgmental. Our students enroll with assurance and confidence on our quality courses, which are fully backed by the experience and resources of the Institute of Counseling in Nigeria, acquired by expertise and years of research.

The Institute offered courses in Professional Clinical Counseling, within a pastoral context in the beginning but have diversified in recent years to also produce a selection of further courses which follow the Clinical Person-Centered Approach developed by Carl Rogers and other psychologists/psychotherapist.

The Institute has positioned itself to help people acquire professional certificates in their chosen counseling or psychotherapy field, a development that is long over due in Africa. The Institute is committed to a non-discriminatory policy to educate all who will benefit from the courses it offers, irrespective of location, culture, religion, tribe or nationality. The quality of education at the Institute can compete with any of such in any part of the world, and the certificate is a professional qualification to start a private practice with adequate monitoring and experience. You are better off with the Institute than studying abroad because we understand the peculiarity of African issues.

Additionally, The Institute partners with government organizations, Corporate bodies, and NGOs both home and abroad for mental health support and intervention programs. We carry out Corporate Social Responsibility to assist the local community and accept referral from relevant NGOs. We help with placement and internship programs for our students.

Vision Statement

To be the first call for mental health intervention and training in Africa, helping every individual achieve their goals with a healthy state of mind and establishing a mentally balanced society.

Mission Statement

To lead the crusade for a mentally healthy society by training professional helpers and providing professional interventions in various fields of counseling and psychotherapy.


  • To be Africa’s foremost and most influential Institute in the provision of professional counseling psychotherapy training and licensing.
  • To promote mental health awareness and support services to both private and public organizations.
  • To raise a generation of innovative counselors, psychotherapists and other professional helpers.
  • To provide developmental support and training for practicing counselors and psychotherapists.
  • To improve the professionalism in the counseling and psychotherapy practice in Africa.
    To continually promote the growth of psychological researches and innovations in Africa.
  • To create and develop counseling skills and personal development training resources.
  • To bring about a sharp reduction in the level of unhealthy social interaction combating our world.
  • To provide mental health support for willing individuals and organizations, helping them to achieve a positive mental health.



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