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The Institute is the first of its kind in this part of the world. Acquiring professional certificate as a clinical counselor and psychotherapist just got easy. The Institute provides a wide range of counseling and related courses. Students enroll with assurance and confidence on our quality courses, which are fully backed by the experience and resources of the Institute of Counseling in Nigeria.
The Institute offered courses both in Clinical and Pastoral Counseling, within a pastoral context in the beginning but diversified in recent years to also produce a selection of further courses which follow the Clinical Person-Centered Approach developed by Carl Rogers and other psychologists/psychotherapists.

The Institute has positioned itself to help people acquire professional certificates in their chosen counseling or psychotherapy field, a development that is long over due in Africa. The Institute is committed to a non-discriminatory policy to educate all who will benefit from the courses it offers, irrespective of culture, religion, tribe or nationality. The quality of education at the Institute can compete with any of such in any part of the world, and the certificate is a professional qualification to start a private practice with adequate monitoring and experience. Additionally, we are open to assisting the local community by accepting referral from relevant NGOs.



The Objectives of Institute of Counseling in Nigeria are:

    1. To promote the training and development of counseling skills
    2. To provide opportunities for Continuing Professional Development
    3. To issued professional certificate for the purpose of private counseling practice
    4. To produce and distribute counseling skills training resources
    5. To provide counseling services for individuals needing counseling.





Dr. Tolulope Oko-Igaire is a professional Clinical Relationship & Family Counselor, Sex Therapist and Matchmaker with over 15 years working experience. Experience and professionalism distinguished Dr. Tolu in an environment where Professional Counseling was non- existing and talking about sexual issues considered a taboo. She single-handedly took counseling and Therapy from the backward traditional level to a more professional forefront, blending cultural values with Counseling ethical values and skills.

Dr. Tolu has worked with various Governmental and Non-Governmental organizations across Africa in various capacities as volunteer, Speaker, and Facilitator. She runs a popular TV and Radio Talk Show; Intimate Talk With Tolu, centered on Relationship and Sex. With hundreds of articles and publications to her credit, Dr. Tolu has written and published various articles on crucial aspects of marriage, family life and sexuality issues.

Dr. Tolu holds a first and second degrees in Social Sciences from University of Ado Ekiti and University of Port Harcourt respectively. Diploma in Counseling, Diploma in Grief and Bereavement Counseling, Diploma in Crisis Counseling and Diploma in Couples and Family Counseling among others. She also has a Certificate in Human Sexuality from Sonoma Carlifonia. She has honorary doctorate degree in Counseling from The Development Institute of Counseling Los Angeles. She is the Secretary of The Association for Counseling, Matchmaking & Psychotherapy of Nigeria, ACMPN,  a member of International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors, IAMFC and other international bodies. Dr. Tolu prides herself on being up to date with the most recent scientific literature surrounding Counseling, psychotherapy and Human sexuality. She is currently pursuing a PHD in Counseling Psychology.

Dr. Tolu is the pioneer of professional counseling and psychotherapy training in Nigeria, paving the ways and helping others to live their dreams. She has received numerous awards both in Nigeria and abroad and is currently The Provost of The Institute of Counseling in Nigeria.


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